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Set in the wee hours of a Manhattan night, this short film captures a tired businessman dancing his worries away, then coolly stepping off onto the platform like it never happened. It is a pure form of expression, the type that embodies the daydreams of commuting New Yorkers.

The hustle and bustle of the city, a wild dream, hostess by day, dancer by night, the life that none enjoy living but crave when it's gone. This short film empowers the viewer to break free from their mould, to truly let go of whoever they are meant to be.

Performed by dancer Paulin Aby Maindron, the piece is directed by an upcoming Malaysian filmmaker, Taha Long, with Ana Vasquez as director of photography. The film is set to the song "Pyaar" by an award-winning Indian filmmaker and musician, Pranav Bhasin.

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