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from east to west... a multi cultural story


Dancer, Actor, Model a multi talented artist

Paulin Aby, was born in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, and raised in the French countryside. With a diverse range of training, he began his exploration of dance at the Conservatoire du Choletais in France, completing an 8-year program in just four years. Following his graduation from Saint Gabriel - Saint Michel, where he focused on vocal training, Paulin was accepted into the prestigious Rudra Béjart School in Lausanne, Switzerland. During his time there, he not only studied dance but also delved into theater, music, percussion, kendo, cirque, and various dance disciplines, complementing his daily ballet and Graham technique training. His exceptional talent led to an invitation to train and perform at the renowned Ailey School in New York City, where he received a full scholarship.

Currently, Paulin Aby is working with various dance companies and choreographers including Daniel Fetecua, Buglisi Dance Theater, Folklore Urbano NYC, Pajarillo Pinta'O Dance Company among a few. He is also a dance teacher with TIKoRO Art Foundation and teacher assistant at the Ailey extension.

From Europe to the United States

Paulin Aby  has had the privilege of showcasing his talents across various mediums, including stage, film, television, studio recording, and radio. As a performer at the Institut Musical de Vendée, he had the opportunity to tour in Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, and other European countries. Notably, he took on the lead role in Julien Joubert's comedy musical, "Placide Robinier,". Paulin Aby was also part of the acclaimed and multi-award-winning production, "The Puy Du Fou," where he had the honor of performing as a dancer, singer, and actor in front of 14,000 people on Europe's largest stage. Additionally, he contributed as a singer and actor to the original soundtrack of "The Puy Du Fou." Paulin Aby has also danced iconic pieces such as "The Bolero" and "The 9th Symphony" with the Bejart Ballet, along with dancing for the United Nation in Geneva. While at The Ailey School, he toured with the Alvin Ailey repertoire, including performances of "Blues Suites," "Revelation," and "Night Creatures.", he worked with Mathew Rushing, Clifton Brown, Earl Mosley, Shay Bland, Renee Robison , Judith Jamison, Frederic Moore, Tracy Inman, Masazumi Chaya, Megan Jakel and Michael Thomas. He was invited to dance for the 100th-anniversary celebration of Merce Cunningham at Baryshnikov Art Center. He also performed at the Turkish embassy in New York . 

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Paulin Aby was awarded the Maurice Béjart Foundation Scholarship for two years while training at Rudra Bejart in Lausanne, Switzerland. Moving to New York, he received a full scholarship from the Ailey School for three years. He was also the recipient of scholarships such as The Carolyn Adams Scholarship, The Gloria & Stanley Plesent Scholarship, and The Elizabeth Gordon Scholarship. As a choreographer, he presented his duet "The Priestess" in Les Oiseaux at various theaters, including the EPFL stage and Theatre Barnabé Servion in Switzerland. He also served as a Teacher Assistant at the Ailey School for three years and worked as a choreographer's assistant for esteemed artists like Vernard Gilmore, Daniel Fetecua, Megan Jakel, Ronald Alexander, and Kevin Boseman.

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