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In this piece, we follow our protagonist, CULTURE, as they struggle to find their footing in the communal waltz of life - lead by a team of four other movers.

The concrete jungle that surrounds our team of movers feels cold and intimidating. We sympathize with our protagonist, who struggles to find

solace in ritual.

From childhood, we are taught to watch and learn, to follow the rules and to carry our burdens in silence.

But what happens when our load is too hard to balance? 

It's is a collaboration with Manjula Essentials.

"Manjula Essentials" is a wellness and beauty brand consciously created using Ayurvedic principles.

With a strong focus on heritage and ritual-based self care, Manjula is represented by a trans-generational team of

women who aspire to change current conventions surrounding beauty and wellness industries.”

With the intention to incorporate the Ayurvedic spirit as well as draw upon many of the pillars of Manjula Essentials.

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