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Set in the homeland of author Washington Irving, Untold Tales recounts the journey of a local immigrant: the Headless Horseman. His long-lost head, a “no body,” tells his story of 243 years wandering in search of his body and ultimately finding hope, love, and identity at the end of a painful journey. This multidisciplinary production of music, dance, and theater is inspired by the stories of immigrants living in the greater New York area, woven together by a comical yet poignant theatrical narrative based on Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Originally conceived as a part of the Bicentennial of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Untold Tales is produced by Pablo and Anna Mayor of Folklore Urbano NYC, with support from iD Studio Theater and a grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Theater and stage direction by German Jaramillo; dance direction and choreography by Daniel Fetecua; musical direction and compositions by Pablo Mayor; co-artistic and narrative direction by Anna Povich de Mayor; libretto by Toby Campion; costume and stage design by Hersilia Restrepo; set construction and design by Norm Beamer; associate costume design and costume construction by Vera Zamdmer. 


Untold Tales
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